Friday, September 29, 2017


The Side of the Bogus Impartial

..."I don't take a side, but here's a list of why the side that favors America, limited government, and freedom are wrong."

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


The Moniker, "Rocket man" vs. Thermonuclear Weapons

To watch much of mainstream media, the Democrats, and the leftist industrial complex, it would appear that the greatest threat to world peace are now the words used by an American president...and, NOT the decades long threats to destroy cities in at least three countries by a ruthless communist dictator. The left misses Obama, Castro, and Hugo Chavez that much.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Beauty and the Beastly

I'm occasionally reminded that my alliance with conservatism is not without having deliberated carefully upon things that truly matter.

This documentary on Youtube is a superb testament to the value of...value.

One cannot begin to compare the things of our era that are shallow, frivoulous, and contrived with creations profound and beautiful and of genuine substance.

Roger Scruton narrates a prosaic appraisal of beauty and the human condition and how the high priests of destruction have sought to lay waste to all that truly matters.

An insightful, thought provoking, and intelligent appraisal of existence on the edge of the sacred and profane.

Monday, September 25, 2017


"Taking a Knee" the hopes that the rest of us will "bend over"

Professional sports figures, Hollywood, Academia, government bureaucrats, grievance organizers, even elected officials...Has anyone noticed that those who are now most disrespectful and disdainful toward the American republic are the people who have benefited the most from it? The silent majority is becoming evermore sick of the wealthy and famous lecturing the rest of us on how bad we all are for not bending over for their cause of the day. The backlash on all this nonsense is going to be sweet.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Contrasts in Charecter

I've recently allowed myself to be ensnared by one of those Youtube comments back-and-forths. 'Very annoying and ultimately a waste of time to all parties.

The topic -- one that I admit annoys the hell out of me -- was South Korean's views on who is "scarier," Kim Jong Un or...Donald Trump. I kid you not(!).

Of course, as contemporary education and media would have it, most saw Donald Trump as a greater threat. This is beyond pathetic. I know the arguments that can be made regarding the proper course of action regarding North Korea but have people become completely insane!? What does the North Korean police state have to do for some clueless fools to realize that the contrast between a totalitarian dictatorship and a dynamic free society are beyond dramatic?

What's there to consider? A Stalinist police state has imprisoned most its citizens in a cult of bare subsistence. It has successfully developed nuclear weapons and intercontinental delivery systems. It almost daily threatens someone (the U.S., South Korea, Japan, Australia) with "merciless" violence, and the civilized free world is supposed to talk some more, or worse yet, acknowledge our short-comings?

It's more than terrible but, we have almost reached the point of having to choose between the death of tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) of people or wait longer to experience the death of millions.

In comment threads on Youtube, any attempt to point out the obvious is met with the usual Jacobin scorn (the bizarre and cliche' accusations of "White Nationalism"). Like so many other issue under the Sun, I've even argued with friends who's need to demonstrate their wise credentials in post modern relativism seems to override common sense. Noting the horrors of impending war by an aggressive and brutal dictatorship is met with the usual tirades about our own misdeeds. "Sure Kim Jong Un is a dictator but...'we' owned slaves." How can anyone ever expect to preserve vibrant free societies when so many of our fellow citizens are so invested in defending the most horrid of governments and so committed to renouncing own own dynamic civilizations? You'd think some of these clowns were still jockeying for a good grade from their leftist college professor.

The Contrast

To further confirm my sense of apprehension over where this is all going, I saw the Christopher Nolan Movie, "Dunkirk." Like "Hacksaw Ridge," it was another great contemporary anti-war film. I'm not going to go into a review other than to say it was a very visceral depiction of the horrors of fellow humans thrust into nightmarish circumstances. It would be difficult for anyone to watch it and be willing to see war happen anywhere.

Where the contrast struck me was comparing the weak-willed pampered and clueless apologists for a ruthless dictatorship in North Korea with the honor and fiber of so many who endured a conflict in a another time. The "Greatest Generation" was made of something considerably more dignified and noble than the pathetic armchair philosophers of our own time.

Do we really expect the likes of North Korea, Iran, and international Islamic terror to offer peace to innocent citizens of the world? And, when they act as perceptive people know they will, can we rely on the limp cause of relativism to save us from destruction?

One can only wish that the fools who daily deride free society and defend the worst would be the only ones to suffer from the inevitable results of their stupidity. But no, they'll drag us into hell along with them.

Too bad...

Sunday, September 17, 2017


"Peaceful Protests" in the Post-Obama Insurgency

I made a not so far-fetched observation in a prior post where I suggested that Antifa and other related street rabble were basically a nascent communist insurgency. This recent FOX interview more or less offers a similar conclusion but with first-hand appraisal. 'Some interesting insights from a journalist who apparently isn't in the tank for "the revolution."

Thursday, September 14, 2017


The Millennial Faux Rebellion

This guy totally pins it -- excellent.

Saturday, September 09, 2017


Beating a Live -- and Dangerous -- Horse

I realize that most of this blog is one big rant against the nonsense...and horrors of socialism in its various permutations but, socialism can mean a lot of things. The latest B.S. regarding the horror that keeps on giving is to note the kinder gentler version of death camps through the slow slide into "Democratic Socialism." Bernie Sanders was quite effective in the last American presidential election in sneaking this marxist con scheme through America'a wide open door. He actually had a shot at the grand prize. The next time around, a like-minded Stalinist in sheep's clothing may be given the keys to the kingdom...while Millennials stare blankly at their Facebook feeds.

Socialism is a commune with compulsory membership. In fact it's a cult, which is why it bears a resemblance to one in so many ways. In spite of how one may wish to soften its image, the manifestation is always the same. Adding "Democratic" to the word is as accurate or honest as calling the North Korean dictatorship a "Democratic People's Republic." In spite of democracy's generic use as a label for free society it in fact describes a society that is decidedly not free. It has often been accurately compared to the concept of two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. In practice, "democratic socialism" can be likened to a few powerful wolves deciding to eat sheep and...other wolves (and never becoming full).

Even when elected democratically, socialists seek to maintain their grip on power through undemocratic means ("for the people" of course). They do this easily over time by regulating away free speech, packing their legal system with like-minded stooges, and using massive sympathetic bureaucracies like the tax system and Justice department to eliminate opposition. The fact that schools, universities, entertainers, and most journalists begin to move in monopoly lockstep with it certainly diminishes its claim to be "democratic" in the generic sense. When banal modes of entertainment like comedy and pop music become venues for inculcating the party line, a society is reaching the point of no return. A system with limited state authority is considerably less corruptible. A system where state authority permeates the entire culture is corrupt by definition.

Has anyone ever heard a "democratic socialist" say, "okay, we've got a good system now that takes care of everyone. We don't need anymore offices of state to compel compliance and we don't need to move any further left to achieve a more perfect order."? You're definitely not going to hear a "democratic socialist" take a pass on the "need" to "protect" their advances through censorship, coercion, imprisonment, or mass executions. After all, such opposition is the "counter-revolutionary enemy of the people." You supposedly "have to break some eggs to make [their] omelet."

In the U.S., and many other countries, an excessive and spendthrift regulatory environment has increased dramatically over the last few decades. We've spent literally trillions of dollars on a "war on poverty" with virtually no impact (a poverty rate of about 13%). And yet, the screech is repeated that "we're not doing enough" or, reducing the budget to levels of just eight years ago will somehow result in mass death, if not the literal end of the world.

Occasionally, in keeping with the pseudo-religious nature of these virtue signaling charlatans one will hear references the teachings of Jesus but, I don't recall Jesus having proclaimed the need for further compulsory funding to the "ministry of good deeds."

Socialism in all it's forms is a massive con to pull at the heart strings of the naive and solidify the gains of bureaucrats and control freaks. To be sure, Nazi's and the Khmer Rouge are some of the more horrid examples of the belief in practice (it's always worse than one can imagine in actual practice), but most people in Venezuela today would be uninterested in the left's debate points while a small clique of wolves devour the lives of citizens who were once stupid enough to embark on the fantasy journey into paradise once more. Now, they can ponder their errors...while they search for food.

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